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Annika Mueller-Owens

Annika Mueller-Owens (she/her) began studying Southern Chinese Lion Dance in 2014. In 2014 she began her study of Chinese martial arts and its culture at the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association under the guidance of Shifu Nelson Ferreira. Since then, Annika has diligently studied the arts as well as furthered her understanding through study with different high-level masters such as Chan Siew Kee and Leong Mak. In 2014 she began competing in forms and lion dance, winning many accolades, awards, and championships as well as representing the USA in international competitions in Brazil (2016) and Macau (2018 and 2019) and becoming an award-winning competitor on the world stage. Annika is an assistant instructor at the ZYKFA teaching and instructing members of all ages. Annika has traveled to Macau, Taiwan, and Brazil to further her studies as well as assisting Shifu Ferreira in his international seminar teachings.

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