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Ashlyn Johnson

(She/Her) Ashlyn Johnson is a nurse practitioner, assistant professor of nursing at Miami University in Ohio, and longtime martial artist. She has over 15 years of experience in the nursing field and maintains active clinical practice as a dual certified family and psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner working with many patients suffering from PTSD. Her research interests include mental health, particularly related to trauma and resilience. Additionally, Ashlyn has been studying various martial arts systems for the past 25+ years. She wishes to express gratitude to her instructors including Guro Jeremiah Lovejoy and for the opportunity to be an apprentice under the esteemed Guro Dan Inosanto. Her current focus is on Pukulan Patikaman Silat Kuntau and she is deeply grateful to the founder, Syeikh Demank Ahmad, for his leadership and generously sharing his art with the world and to Pambakal Tim Anderson for bringing this art to the United States.

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