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Connie Halporn, 6th degree Black Belt Kodokan Judo

Connie Halporn
(She/Her) I began Judo in junior high school in 1966 at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY. I continued in Judo while at Kirkland College in Clinton, New York until my return to NYC in 1980. Once back in New York City, I joined the Columbia University Judo Club and Judo Kai of Englewood. I am now an Assistant Judo coach at the New York University Judo Club, working with the Head instructor, my husband. We also teach Judo at the Brooklyn Martial Arts Club in Brooklyn, NY. I hold the rank of Rokudan (sixth-degree black belt), am registered with the United States Judo Association, and am a current member of USA Judo. I adore sharing Judo with my students and never miss an opportunity to tell people about the benefits of a life in Judo. I can’t wait to reconnect with everyone at NWMAF camp!

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