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  2. Farah Fosse, Lead Instructor, Defend Yourself

Farah Fosse, Lead Instructor, Defend Yourself

Farah (she or they) has been teaching empowerment self-defense, bystander intervention, and de-escalation with Defend Yourself in Washington, DC since 2005 - after taking an advanced Empowerment Self-Defense class. Farah also trains hospitality staff to prevent sexual assault through bystander intervention with Safe Bars. Farah is a long-time community organizer, trainer, and social worker in DC. In all her work, she is passionate about supporting people in developing tools to take control of their lives, fight back against oppression, and create spaces based on consent and cooperation. As a self-defense instructor, Farah brings a trauma-informed perspective and regularly teaches classes to social service, and public-facing, workers.

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