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Hind Essayegh

CURRICULUM & TRAINING MANAGER Hind is responsible for providing on-going empowerment self-defense (ESD) training for NMNW’s trainers and ensuring that NMNW’s curriculum and training materials are aligned with empowerment self-defense best practices. She also manages NMNW’s engagement and participation within the global ESD community, while also cultivating a learning network of NMNW curriculum practitioners in order to advance the ESD approach to preventing sexual violence worldwide. Hind’s passion is to build safety and power for women and children by helping them tap into their inner strength and stand up for themselves and their communities against gender-based violence. Hind has a background in Tang Soo Do Karate and received formal self-defense and by-stander intervention training from Defend Yourself and Malikah where she has become an instructor. Hind is also a gender justice organizer and educator. She serves as Malikah DMV chapter regional director.

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