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  2. Karen Chasen, Co-Founder, Prepare, Inc.

Karen Chasen, Co-Founder, Prepare, Inc.

Karen Chasen (she/her) is co-founder of Prepare Inc., offering the Impact program in NY NJ CT & PA, and other comprehensive violence prevention education programs for adults, teens, and children. Since 1992, she has been teaching, training teachers, developing curriculum, supporting research, and collaborating with others in the fields of safety and preparedness, education, communication, trauma recovery, and intervention. She has trained in numerous martial arts and self-defense styles. Karen is a repeat guest professor at Drew University with Dr. Cermele presenting Gender Violence and Women’s Resistance and at Hunter College with Dr. Danielle Berke for Empowerment Self-Defense as Transformational Learning. She collaborated with Dr. Rosenblum and Dr. Taska to create a trauma intervention combining ESD classes with group therapy for private clients and with Dr. Lisa Weinberg of Montclair State University’s CAPS Center to annually offer this trauma intervention for college students. Karen loves crafts, sports, and performing arts.

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