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Brigit McCallum

Brigit McCallum Headshot
(She/They) I’m Brigit McCallum, an ESD instructor with Prevention Action Change, working as part of the staff with Clara Porter in Maine for more than four years. I have taught ESD I, Active Bystander Intervention and the Healing Through Empowerment courses in both face to face and online format. Having been involved with Loretta Ross’ online class, Calling In the Calling Out Culture multiple times, both as a participant and as a co-facilitator of breakout groups, I appreciate the connections Ross makes between our personal histories, the internalized messages we hold around conflict, and our reactions to it in the present. I bring a lifetime of teaching, ranging from Pre-K to PhD, as well as coaching a variety of sports to children and adults, that has always centered inclusion and adaptation for diverse learners.

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