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Sally Johnson Van Wright

Sally Johnson Van Wright
(She/They) A 36-year martial artist and lifelong fighter for justice and inclusion, Sally's heart dances at the prospect of returning to NWMAF. An annual attendee from 1989-2015, Sal took a break from camp to earn a doctorate (in teaching and learning) and to face a recurrence of breast cancer (its own profound teacher). Things that make me smile: holding Black Belts in Shuri Ryu Karate (7th) and Modern Arnis (4th), having served as NWMAF Chair 2004-07, helping launch the Association of ESD Professionals, decades of discovery & delight at my former school VWMA, founding and thriving in the beautiful & graceful new Leopard School of Martial Arts, teaching MSW students, my pup Buster, my Sensei Wendi Dragonfire, and my beloved spouse CJ.

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