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Grandmaster Sunny Graff

(she/hers) I’ve trained for 47 years, am a Grandmaster in Taekwondo, and Lapunti Arnis, a posture/alignment specialist, produced more than 300 feminist anti-racist self-defense instructors, 120 Black belts, and authored self-defense books in English and German. I co-founded NWMAF, served on the first steering committee, Self-defense Certification Board, AWMAI Rank Committee, and was awarded the NWMAF Award of Excellence in 2020. I’m a Gold medalist in the World Games and Pan American Games, 4x National Taekwondo Champion with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. In 1983 I founded Women in Movement in Frankfurt. I teach all levels, ages, abilities, and ethnicities, in multiple arts and weapons at my school and at conferences world wide. The one thing I haven’t been successful at is retiring…

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