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We are a safe, inclusive, women-led organization for women, transgender and non-binary people, and their allies that affirms each person’s warrior spirit and actively works for a world in which each of us is empowered, free from oppression, and whole.



After much discussion and consideration, the NWMAF Board has decided to replace the 2024 Conference with a series of regional training events on the theme of Weaving Strength, providing the collaboration, community and learning of the annual Conference, while increasing membership and building stronger regional networks.

We know this cancellation will come as a disappointment to so many. The NWMAF Conference is an incredible event and the highlight of our year as an organization. However, we as a Board are charged with responsible stewardship of the NWMAF, and it has become clear that the task ahead of us remains one of establishing a solid base for the organization after a difficult few years.

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Interested in being an instructor?

We have paused on accepting trainer applications until we have specific date and location information for the regional trainings. However, all applications we have already received for the 2024 Conference will automatically (a) be considered for the 2025 Conference and (b) be considered for the upcoming regional trainings. People who have submitted applications will be contacted with full details once further information is available. In the meantime, you can always reach out for more information by contacting:

Martial Arts Coordinator, Emily McKee,

Self Defense Coordinator, Clara Porter,

Healing Arts Coordinator, Nikki Smith,

Reach out to your favorite teachers, and bring your dream class to the conference. Let’s get started!

Annual Conference

The NWMAF’s signature event is a multi-style training conference, held each summer, that features opportunities to learn from veteran martial artists from across the country and around the world, as well as a professional Empowerment Self-Defense instruction track.

Participants can choose from a variety of classes throughout the multi-day event. Each day brings many sessions and several options: “hard style” classes, “soft style” classes, mat arts, self-defense techniques and technology, healing arts, and weapons practice. Expert trainers tailor their teaching for a wide range of students—from beginners to experts. Attendees come from all over the United States, Canada, and beyond. Join us this summer!

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Martial Arts

We cherish martial arts as a path of self-discovery and transformation and as a means of transforming ourselves and the world in which we live. We find strength in one another’s challenges and promote an awareness and appreciation of our differences.

Some of us have been training over many decades, others just a few months. Whatever your art, experience, or skill level, come and be a part of our amazing community!

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Empowerment Self-Defense

The NWMAF is the leader in Empowerment Self-Defense and has formed an extensive network of skilled instructors in the US and Canada and across the world. We offer ongoing professional development and credentials to self-defense instructors. From cutting-edge research to best practices in classroom management, from non-profit programming to running an effective business, we work to bring this critical tool of violence prevention to the world.

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person in a wheelchair practicing setting a boundary with instructor
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