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Master Wen Mei Yu

1991 Recipient: Award of Excellence

Master Wen Mei Yu began Qigong training in 1953 in Shanghai when at age 17 her bleeding ulcer was not treatable by Eastern or Western medicines. Her life has since been devoted to studying and teaching the healing methods and practice of Qigong and Taijiquan.


Master Yu trained with the following top Masters in China:

  • Gu Liu Xin, student of Great Grandmaster Chen Fake
  • Fu Zhong Wen, husband of Great Grandmaster Yang Chen Fu’s grand niece (Yang Chen Fu’s teacher is Yang Jianhou, son of Yang style creator Yang Luchan)
  • Wu Ying Hua, daughter of Wu style Taijiquan creator Wu Jian Quan
  • Ma Yueh Liang, son-in-law (Wu Ying Hua’s husband) of Wu style Taijiquan creator Wu Jian Quan
  • Zhou Yuan Long, teacher of many government sets
  • Guo Ling, creator of Guo Ling Qigong, a system designed to overcome cancer
  • Yang Mei Jun, considered one of the greatest exponents of the Taoist Kunlun School
  • Zhao Jin Xiang, creator of Soaring Crane Qigong


Master Yu’s achievements include:

  • Professor, Jing Wu Athletic College
  • General Secretary, Shanghai Physical Culture Association for the Elderly
  • Judge and Coach, many Chinese martial arts championships in the U.S.
  • Instructor at Feminist International Summer Training in Netherlands
  • Instructor at the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation’s Special Training
  • Instructor at the Annual West Coast Women’s Training Weekend presented by the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists
  • Instructor at additional seminars across North America and Europe


Master Yu’s awards include:

  • 1983 Top Taijiquan Instructor in China
  • 1986 1st Place, Traditional Tournament (Shanghai)
  • 1989 1st Place, American Tai Chi Championships (San Francisco)
  • 1989 1st Place, Tai Chi World Cup (Los Angeles)
  • 1992 PAWMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1993 NWMAF’s Award of Excellence
  • 1994 Writer of the Year, Inside Kung Fu magazine
  • 1997 Woman of the Year, Inside Kung Fu magazine