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Shihan Linda “Ramzy” Ranson

2010 Recipient: Coleen Gragen Award of Inspiration

2010 Recipient: Award of Excellence

Shihan Ramzy owns and operates her own FUi Ryu Jujitsu dojo in the Bronx, NY and the Women’s Empowerment Self-Defense Academy, in which she focuses specifically on teaching self-defense skills to children, teenage girls, and women of all ages and physical abilities. She has been a leader for women in the martial arts through her active training and teaching and an inspiration for all women and especially women of color. Within NWMAF, she hosted Special Training 1993, served as a NWMAF Board member, and taught numerous times at Special Training.

Shihan Ramzy has also been active in Sports Jujitsu and was featured in Wesley Snipes’ “Masters of the Martial Arts.” Linda has taught women’s self-defense extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, and has been featured as a self-defense expert in media, including Newsweek, Newsday, and ABC-NEWS 20/20.  She served as a consultant for Mayor David Dinkins’ New York City “Task Force Against Sexual Assault,” was Princeton University’s chief instructor and consultant for Self-Defense and Rape Prevention, and was awarded Princeton University’s President’s Standing Committee on the Status of Women Award.

The number of women whose lives have been touched and changed by Linda’s teaching and example is a testament to her dedication to encouraging women and girls to participate in the martial arts.  Many women cite her as instrumental and inspirational in their martial arts careers.