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Martial Arts

Martial arts has been around for centuries, dating back to around 3,000 BC. There are over 220 styles of martial arts practiced globally today by millions of people.

Since the 1970s, it has been our mission to create a safe space for participants to learn and grow. We believe in the benefits of a diverse pool of styles and support those interested in learning all martial arts. 

Martial arts are more than an art form, there is a dogma to live by. We learn fortitude, sacrifice, resilience, and more. Each martial arts style has a rich and beautiful history which we display and explore at our yearly conference.

See our award-winning martial artists.

One should never be content with their level of achievement, but rather should continuously strive to better themselves in all aspects of the study of life. Just as a mountain climber reaches the pinnacle of their goal, they then realize there are infinitely more pinnacles or goals to reach for. If, however, the climber strives for the pinnacle only to stop before attending the goal and contentedly turns back, they are no better than those who did not attempt the climb initially.

The student of the Martial Arts should always attempt to integrate and unify the mind and the body into harmony with the natural universe, thus enabling both the mental and physical realms to be healthy, alert and calm.

-Hwarang Do Charter