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Board Member Nomination Form

Nominations for 2023 are due by February 15, 2023.

Board terms begin the following August 1 and run for two years. Please review Article V of NWMAF’s bylaws for more information. Board positions run in staggered two-year terms.

Open positions:


The Chair presides at Board meetings. The Chair promotes the NWMAF, both internally and externally, and manages public relations for the organization. The Chair is the spokesperson for the organization and the primary contact for organization business (sponsorships, partnerships, generational and legacy donations, negotiations for large purchases/procurement, etc.) The Chair oversees the general and financial operations of the NWMAF, creation and publication of the organization’s annual reports, creation and maintenance of organizational policies (including bylaws, code of conduct, program and event policies, administrative policies (e.g.: procurement policies; executive/ staff employment compensation, policies, and manuals; and other policies as required by foundations, grant providers, government agencies, etc.).

Development Coordinator

(DevC): The DevC raises funds for the organization, pursues grants, and guides the organization’s decision-making on scholarship policy and disbursement. The DevC also conducts outreach to promote the growth of the NWMAF. The DevC is also responsible for exploring and organizing fundraising possibilities outside of grants and foundations, including fundraising drives, events, merchandise sales, and partnerships with companies. The DevC is responsible for seeking out and implementing other sources of funding that are aligned with the organization’s goals.

Martial Arts Coordinator

Martial Arts Coordinator (MAC): The MAC represents the interests of NWMAF members who practice martial arts, whether that practice is solely, primarily, or in conjunction with martial arts and/or self-defense. The MAC is also responsible for coordinating and vetting Martial Arts classes for the annual conferences, and other training programs when appropriate, and creating and maintaining all safety policies needed. The MAC will work closely with the EC, HAC, Self-Defense Coordinator, and Youth Coordinator for programming and event planning.

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator (MarC) is responsible for all Social Media, advertising, and PR campaigns, working closely with other Board Members to create campaigns that will help them reach their departmental goals. General responsibilities for campaigns will always focus on increasing membership, fundraising efforts, and annual conference attendance. The MarC will produce and edit membership communications, including bulletins and/or newsletters.