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Board Member Nomination Form

Nominations for positions that turn over in 2025 will open in early 2025. Nominations for currently vacant positions can be submitted at any time (including vacant positions where terms end in 2025).

Board terms begin August 1 of the year elected and run for two years, unless filling a currently vacant position, in which case they begin immediately after board appointment and run until the term ends.

The Chair, Secretary, Development Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Self-Defense Coordinator, Inclusion & Equity Coordinator, and Marketing Coordinator are elected and start serving in even years.

The Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Digital Coordinator, Healing Arts Coordinator, Martial Arts Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Youth Coordinator are elected and start serving in odd years.

Descriptions of all positions can be found in the NWMAF Bylaws, Article V.

Currently Vacant Positions (will be filled by board appointment):

  • Vice Chair (2023–2025)
  • Digital Coordinator (2023–2025)
  • Events Coordinator (2024–2026)
  • Inclusion & Equity Coordinator (2024–2026)
  • Marketing Coordinator (2024–2026)

Positions Opening in 2025 (will be elected by membership vote):

  • Vice Chair (2025–2027)
  • Treasurer (2025–2027)
  • Healing Arts Coordinator (2025–2027)
  • Martial Arts Coordinator (2025–2027)
  • Membership Coordinator (2025–2027)
  • Youth Coordinator (2025–2027)

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*Youth Coordinator must be 18-25 years of age at start of term.
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What is your/their vision for NWMAF?
What strengths do you/they bring to the organization and what do you/they want to learn?
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