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Areas of Focus

Classes are “tagged” with up to 5 characteristics, which will let you search for your favorites. Don’t want to miss any of the meditation classes? Click “Centering” to see them all! Love learning kata? Pick “1 Drill” and see what there is!

1 Drill
Learn a single kata or drill
Accomplish or finish something (board breaking, origami, grant application)
Adjust Curriculum
Learn how to adapt or adjust curriculum and teaching style to suit different audiences
Learn how to advance your practice (activities, exercises, competition prep)
Armed Technique
Learn armed physical techniques (martial arts or self-defense)
Body Mechanics
Learn about body mechanics, anatomy, stretching techniques, etc.
Business Admin
Learn skills for running or administrating schools/programs (business, marketing, fundraising, etc.)
Leave feeling centered, peaceful, healed
Learn crossover content from 2+ disciplines (martial arts, healing arts, self-defense, theater, dance, writing)
Deep Dive
Learn about a specific issue or topic (eating disorders, sexual assault in the military, Title IX, etc.)
ESD instructors hoping to certify must take 3 of these electives in addition to the Model Workshop on July 18.
Learn or refine the fundamentals of an art or technique
Learn how to work with institutions (schools, professional orgs, sports orgs)
Get real-time practice against an opponent (sparring, role-plays, etc.)
See a model or demonstration of curriculum, activities, or games
See a presentation of statistics, research, or historical information
Learn skills for a specific situation or application (against a wall, at a protest, lobbying, grant-writing, etc.)
Teaching Skills
Learn skills for teaching or for developing and leading curriculum/activities
Trauma Informed
Learn and/or gain skills around trauma-informed practices
Unarmed Techniques
Learn unarmed physical techniques (martial arts or self-defense)
Learn about physical, mental, and/or emotional health & wellness
Get a good workout (sweat, elevated heart rate)