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Instructor Certification


Since the early 1970s, the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation has pioneered the development of self-defense instruction, bringing together highly-trained martial artists and people knowledgeable about issues of violence – enabling them to gain support, share ideas, and promote quality programs.

We believe that people deserve empowerment self-defense instructors with the highest standards. We hope you will find the process of certification itself to be educational.

NWMAF is committed to making empowerment self-defense training accessible across diverse communities.

This is a comprehensive application, meant to cover the full range of concepts and skills involved in teaching empowerment self-defense at a high level. Physical skills, verbal skills, anti-violence education, the works.

Get Certified!

Review the requirements to become an NWMAF-Certified Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor.

Review the core competencies that Self Defense instructors must demonstrate.

Understand the Empowerment Model for teaching Self Defense.

Study this list of 101 ways to improve your cross-cultural teaching skills.

Check out the reading list and add to your knowledge of Self Defense.

Application for NWMAF Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor Certification

Download an application to become an NWMAF-Certified Self-Defense Instructor. You must to be a current NWMAF member and be logged in to download.

Have questions? Contact us at for more info about becoming an NWMAF Certified Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor.