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Diane Long

Diane Long
Diane Long (they/them), BCTMB, SEP, has been teaching Sex-Positive Self-Defense for 28 years, helping people say “No” to what they don’t want and “Yes” to what they do. First trained with CAE of Brooklyn, this model for inclusive, sliding-scale training has informed all of their subsequent work. Diane is particularly interested in the benefits of ESD for healing from trauma and oppression and teaches widely in shelters, support groups, and social service agencies, particularly with LGBTQI youth and youth experiencing homelessness. Diane is trained in various body-oriented modalities including Massage, Healing Touch, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma First Aide, BCST, and SomaYoga. Diane believes that empowerment self-defense should be a regular adjunct to other therapies and secured social work CEUs for SDIC programs beginning in 2012. A lifetime member of NWMAF, Diane was an SDIC teacher and conference organizer for several years. They were awarded Member of the Year in 2014 and served on the board from 2014-2016.

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