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Deb Lee

Deb Lee Sensei, has been a martial arts student since 1983. Deb has practiced Tang Soo Do, Shorin Ryu, Tuide, Iaido and Aikido. She's been a karate and self-defense instructor since 1988, teaching adults and youth. She has taught numerous self-defense and personal safety seminars and workshops throughout the US and was honored to have taught at the National Women's Martial Arts Federation's Special Training camp, the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors conference, and the Okinawan Karate Club's National Special Training. Deb has an extensive background in law enforcement, having spent many years as a law enforcement officer and special deputy assigned to the Space Shuttle Protection Team in Florida. Additionally Deb holds a degree in Criminology and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Currently she works as a data analyst and visualization specialist.

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