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ESD Model Course

This is the first of 4 sessions of the ESD Model Course.
This Model Course will present a model of a short (3-
hour) Empowerment Self-Defense Course as presented
by Culture of Safety over 6 hours of classroom time,
leaving time to discuss our pedagogy in some depth.
Each of the first 3 sessions will include between 45
minutes to an hour 15 (75 minutes) hour of a 3-hour
training, followed by approximately 15 – 45 minutes of
discussion and debrief as fellow instructors. This first
session will cover 75 minutes of workshop-time, and 15 minutes of debriefing. The fourth session will covers big-
picture pedgalogical concerns and strategies, includes strategies for supporting special populations, and will
allow follow-up time for “Parking lot” items from the first 3

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Please be courteous to those who are masked by offering to mask when working with them in class or in other venues.

All class times are Central Daylight Time.

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