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ESD: Transforming Conflict through Calling In

In this 2-part workshop, based on the work of Loretta
Ross and Loan Tran, we will explore the practice of
“calling-in” as an alternative approach in responding to
conflict. We will start to contextualize “call out culture,” or
“cancel culture,” within systems of domination and
control. Rather than punishing and isolating people when
they make mistakes, calling in practices invite us to be in
relationship with ourselves and with each other in a more
compassionate way. These practices allow us to build
stronger, more resilient communities as we spread the
work of ESD.
In Part 1, we will explore our own histories with conflict
and how internalized messages shape our beliefs and
behaviors in the present. In part 2, we will move from
theory into action, using calling-in conversation starters to
interrupt and intervene in situations where behaviors
perpetuate harm. We will expand our teaching toolbox to
include more somatic, or body-based practices which are
designed to help us stay grounded, present and
responsive in the midst of conflict.

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